Pack Terres de l’Ebre (limited edition)


Pack Terres de l’Ebre (limited edition)


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Pack of one bottle of 0,5L Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ralda+Friends, one 100grs jar of sweet “olivada” (sweet olive paté), one 100grs. jar of “arbequina olivada” (olive paté from the ‘arbequina’ variety) and 1 kg of “Lo nostre arròs” rice, from the “bomba” variety.

Oil is from our own production /2017, Godall – Tarragona

Olivadas (olive paste) are made in Bot – Tarragona

And the “bomba” rice has been produced in Amposta, in the Ebro River Delta (Tarragona)


The pack “Terres de l’Ebre” (Lands of the Ebro River) offers a trilogy of products strongly related to our history, traditions, gastronomy and economy at the lands across the Ebro River in the Tarragona province (Catalonia, Spain)

The Ralda+Friends oils, the Blai Peris olive pastes and the “Lo nostre arròs” rice are genuine local products, made following the same procedures than centuries ago, aimed to bring the utmost quality to the consumer.

Our olive trees are located between the “Els Ports” (los Puertos de Beceite-Tortosa) and the Godall mountain ranges. There are many thousand-year old olive trees in this area that you can visit by bicycle or on a scenic hike. On the other hand, Blai Peris is placed in Bot, at the other side of “Els Ports”, where each olive is considered a singular piece from which special olive pastes (“olivadas”) can be made. These pastes keep all the flavour, taste and features from the original olives in trees.

Finally, the “bomba” rice is sowed, cropped and packed in Amposta, carrying all the elements of a soil that changes its colours following the natural cycles in the Natural Reserve of the Delta del Ebro. The swamped lands of Spring, the green fields in Summer and the golden crops in Autumn bring taste and personality to this rice.


All our oil comes from olives from the Montsià area (in the province of Tarragona), in the south of Catalonia, grown by us and by our friends in Godall. This ‘superior category’ olive oil is high quality, with an intense, fruity taste, obtained directly from olives which are mechanically pressed, and is not refined.

Our pack is made of two kind of “olivadas” (olive patés) from Blai Peris. The “arbequina” is made 100% with the pure and pulpy arbequina olive, marinated at the optimum point to keep its natural intensity. On the other hand, the “sweet olivada” is made with olives, honey and brown sugar in a surprising combination that can be used in cold and hot dishes, as well as in desserts.

The “bomba” rice is appreciated and considered the most suitable for the typical rice-dishes in the Mediterranean cuisine. Its dimensions grow 4 times with cooking and it needs a bit more of time and stock until it is made.


Because of its fruity taste, our extra virgin olive oil is often used in salads, traditional “pan con tomate” (tomato bread), and the famous “alioli” sauce.

The olive patés (“olivadas”) are good for all occasion: breakfast, appetizer, lunch or dinner. You can spread them over a toast or a regular bread slice; or you can either use it to improve salads and stews.

“Bomba” rice is the most suitable for the typical dishes you are willing to eat in the Mediterranean: paella, arroz negro, arroz a banda and arrossejats.

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