Olive Oil Ralda+Friends DOP Pack


Olive Oil Ralda+Friends DOP Pack


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Pack of 3 bottles  of 0,50 litre  of Olive Oil Extra Virgin Ralda+Friends D.O.P.

From our own Production  2015-2016

Godall. Tarragona. Spain.


This artisanal olive oil is made exclusively with the three olive varieties that are native to the Baix Ebre-Montsia region: farga, morruda and sevillenca.

This oil is a special edition made from olives grown on the best plots that belong to members of the Godall co-operative, who produce the oil under the supervision of the Regulatory Council of the Baix Ebre – Montsià Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P).


0.5 litre bottles

Extra Virgin olive oil with the Baix Ebre Montsia Protected Denomination of Origin, obtained directly from olives which are mechanically pressed. These olives are picked directly from the trees using nets in order to protect them, and they are pressed in the mill less than 24 hours later.

Baix Ebre-Montsià DOP oil is clear and transparent. The precise colour depends on the time of year that the olives are harvested and on the soil, but it tends to range from a greenish yellow to a golden yellow.

All of our oil is flavoursome and aromatic, with a fruity flavour at the beginning of the harvest and a sweet flavour at the end of the harvest. As with wine tasting, when you are tasting this oil, it brings out sweet notes with hints of apple, almond and banana, together with light bitter and spicy flavours.

According to the Regulatory Council of the Baix Ebre – Montsià Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P), the minimum tasting grade must be 6.5 and the oil must display the following physicochemical characteristics.

Maximum Acidity (% oleic acid) 0,80º
Maximum peroxide index (meq. O2/kg) (1) 18
Maximum K270 0,20
Maximum K232 2,00
Maximum humidity and volatiles (%) 0,20
Maximum impurities (%) 0,10

Source: Regulatory Council of the Baix Ebre – Montsià Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P)


Because of its fruity taste, our extra virgin olive oil is often used in salads, traditional “pan con tomate’” (tomato bread), grilled meat and vegetables, and the famous “alioli” sauce.

Our oil lasts for a year from the date it is bottled (see label) and all of our bottles are made from dark green glass to protect the oil from light and oxidation. To keep the oil fresh we recommend that you keep it in a cool and dark place.

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