Ralda+Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack


Ralda+Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack


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Pack of 3 bottles of 0,5 litre of Ralda+Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From our own Production  2015-2016
Godall. Tarragona. Spain.


Ralda + Friends oil comes from the oldest olive oil region in Catalonia, likely established in pre-Roman times. Our olive trees are located between the “Els Ports” (los Puertos de Beceite-Tortosa) and the Godall mountain ranges. There are many thousand-year old olive trees in this area that you can visit by bicycle or on a scenic hike. The olive varieties farga, sevillenca and morruda are native to the Montsia region and they have different characteristics to olives from the rest of Catalonia.


All of our oil comes from olives from the Montsia region (in the province of Tarragona), in the south of Catalonia, grown by us and by our friends in Godall. This ‘superior category’ olive oil is high quality, with an intense, fruity taste, obtained directly from olives which are mechanically pressed, and it is not refined.


Because of its fruity taste, our extra virgin olive oil is often used in salads, traditional “pan con tomate” (tomato bread), grilled meat and vegetables, and the famous “alioli” sauce.

Our oil lasts for a year from the date it is bottled (see label) and all of our bottles are made from dark green glass to protect the oil from light and oxidation. To keep the oil fresh we recommend that you keep it in a cool and dark place.

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