A slice of the Mediterranean to your name for a year


If you want to ‘own’ a slice of the Mediterranean, and enjoy the olive oil we produce here, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Tell us whether you wish to adopt the olive tree YOURSELF or whether you want to give it to someone else as a GIFT.

2. You can choose your tree from our interactive photo gallery, where you’ll be able to see photos of all the trees that are available for adoption.

3. We will ask you for your personal details and your preferred payment method to complete the process.

Once you have adopted a tree, you (or the recipient of the gift) will be part of ‘Ralda + Friends’ and can enjoy unique benefits such as being able to visit the olive farm and see your very own olive tree, and getting to know the beautiful surrounding countryside of Godall. You can also see for yourself how we make the oil.

Just a few clicks stand between you and this unique experience!

 Adopt an olive tree


In both farms, the total number of olive trees to sponsor is: 426 

There are only 281 by sponsor this year. Choose yours!